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They may also target specific areas that are causing you problems such as your shoulders and neck or lower back. Body scrub treatment by spa veterans, our Korean body scrub begins in the spa – body scrub style. Before the actual Body Scrub Treatment begins, our spa goers enjoy our therapeutic steam and dry sauna to soften and prepare the skin for the exfoliating body scrub.

body scrub massage

Afterwards, you rinse the product off under the shower (which is much easier when you’re already at home!) and a moisturiser is applied to your clean, freshly-exfoliated skin. A deeply detoxifying blend to decongest and stimulate the system. Let thoughts drift away, whilst being cocooned in a comforting foil wrap of Cellutox oil of detoxifying juniper and lemon.


It is a deep cleansing of the skin to eliminate dead cells that can stagnate on the surface of the epidermis. A full body massage using gentle stretching and pressure point work along your body’s energy channels for total relaxation. A Swedish-style massage using light to medium pressure to alleviate stress and promote deep full-body relaxation. Book a treatment Inspired by our original Cowshed Spa at Babington House in Somerset, we offer restorative treatments in a sociable space where you can relax and unwind. There are 21 minerals found in the Dead Sea and all of these are in Spa Find products, all of which our body needs to function.

Includes a full body scrub with active seaweed ingredients and a massage using signature Fangogel. Thanks to our range of stress-busting, detoxifying body treatments, you can boost your body and mind during Natura Spa treatments. If there is a lot of body hair, extra time and steam maybe required to soften the hair and remove the salt scrub from the body hair. Aftercare is required by applying a moisturiser cream on to keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated and an SPF around the neck line.


The Thai Manee luxury spa offers body scrub treatment that exfoliates the dead skin cells using various sea salt, essential oils, water, skin brush, or loofah. Body scrub treatment the skin, improve circulation, cleanse and tone all types of skin. Our exclusive body scrub and wrap spa treatments have been designed with your wellbeing in mind.

body scrub massage


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Finally, enjoy hot flannels, an indulgent massage for your hands & feet and a heavenly inhalation & scalp massage. You will leave feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated whilst engulfed by Christmas essence. It’s an all-over treatment designed to sweep away dead skin cells. Your beautician will use a special exfoliating product to gently buff your skin from head to toe.

body scrub massage

I went on a big old scrub haul as I’d totally depleted my collection, all three of the scrubs I picked were totally different in texture. I’ve already reviewed and finished up the Early Harvest Raspberry Scrub, and next on my list to try was the The Body Shop Spa Fit Body Scrub. This treatment represents a real revival in the stressful everyday life. Sabai Massage is a strictly professional business and does not offer any services other than the treatments stated on this website. 5 Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massages are a popular technique to help promote healing, especially injuries and other muscular ailments.


Featuring inhalation and guided breathing, massage focusing on back, hot stone placement, experiential facial with exfoliation, warm mud mask and pressure point massage, as well as a scalp massage. With an extensive range of Champneys techniques and a number of award-winning brands to choose from, relaxing your body and reviving your soul couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re seeking a wrap, exfoliation or a little aromatherapy, we have the treatments to firm, nourish, uplift and detox. A highly luxurious and indulgent treatment for the hands or feet, a holistic take on manicures or pedicures.

Himalayan salt has long been revered for its exfoliating properties. Her friendly approach and expertise puts customers at ease and ensures that you enjoy your salon experience. A deep pore cleansing of the body followed by a light steam to lift impurities. Microdermabrasion It Is a quick and convenient treatment for non-surgical skin rejuvenation and can be used on the face, chest, back and shoulders to immediately restore younger-looking skin. A clay mask is applied all over and you will then be cocooned to allow the natural clays to work.

The stones are an extension of the hands to rebalance the body’s energy flow and relax muscles. Our Elemis body scrub treatment will smooth and soften your skin, with an invigorating salt scrub that cleanses and exfoliates, leaving skin looking toned and feeling exceptionally soft. This beautiful massage helps calm the mind & body, relieves tensions, and stimulates healing to leave you feeling totally bliss. This is a great massage to help relax the muscles in your body and leave you feeling like you are floating Naturally in Heaven. This body scrub made from traditional herbs has a wide range of benefits.

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Using a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy oils to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and energy around your body you will feel totally relaxed in no time. Treat someone special to an experience they’ll love and remember – like a massage, facial, or body treatment. A scrub of appropriate areas is included in a Skin Tan Treatment, Men’s Manicure and Pedicure and Facial Treatment. A whole body scrubcan be added before other treatments to prepare the skin to maximise the benefit of massages and skin conditioning. It is also important to take into account the season and your lifestyle when deciding how often to do an exfoliating body scrub. In winter, for example, your skin will be more sensitive and you will have to be more careful not to damage it.

Emotional and physical factors are taken into account if the reflexologist thinks they might be affecting a person’s well-being and health. They will pinpoint areas on the feet where they can use specific hand movements, thumb techniques and apply pressure to stimulate healing energy. This energy flows through the body’s energetic pathways to the targeted areas of the body. If you are at all concerned about having your body on display, be sure to speak to the staff at your selected spa ahead of your visit.


Discover the benefits of exfoliating your body to achieve beautiful, glowing skin. Our aim is to supply our customers with products that support their healthy and natural lifestyles. After visiting my doctor today and he advised me to have a massage. The lady that gave me my massage was really nice and informative. We have 18 years of experience in therapies and ten years in teaching.

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Rinse off the salt scrub in the shower without using any soaps, as this will prevent the skin from absorbing the nourishing oils. It blends Aloe Vera with Argan Oil to replenish, soothe and moisturise. Target areas prone to stress and tension during pregnancy with this deeply nourishing body treatment. This invigorating treat includes an exfoliation scrub, a deep cleanse with warm purifying mud followed by a stimulating massage.

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The second half of the treatment you will be asked to turn over onto your back where the treatment will continue from shoulders, chest, legs and feet. Your body is covered with a towel and you may wish to wear shorts during the treatment. Apply sun protection to the treated area to protect your skin as it is more prone to sun damage after a scrub. If you have sustained any kind of breakage of the skin in the area to be treated please inform Jimmy as it is unsafe to apply a scrub to the injured areas.

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This option will entitle you to reserve and guarantee your place for this activity on a specific preferred time and date that suit you most. Please note that in case you order any activity which takes more than 1 day, the preferred date represents the date on which you would like to start the activity. While ylang ylang oil has soothing and anxiety reducing properties. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours, as massage is a detoxifying treatment.

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£190 A traditional Thai herbal therapy to soothe tense, stiff muscles.

This luxurious combination begins with a cleansing of the back, followed by exfoliation and a soothing back massage to ease away stress and tension. Bodhi Cosmetics is home to over 80 high quality natural treatment and beauty products. Aching muscles are soothed, skin is made silky soft, and you’ll both feel utterly relaxed. You will leave floating on air, with a warm, uplifting feeling of total relaxation and tranquillity. A delightful warming, relaxing treatment on our flotation bed, that allows your whole body to feel weightless. Learn where the phrase ‘mud glorious mud’ came from as you enjoy the combined benefits of mud and steam in a specially designed chamber.

The minerals in Spa Find products absorb faster topically than by digestion, which is why you receive amazing results on your skin, what better reason to have a body treatment. At Natura Spa we love and use ‘Spa Find’ body products, these products are formulated from ‘The Dead Sea’. Our bodies naturally already contain the minerals from the Dead Sea, however they get destroyed by stress, bad diet and medication.

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Kos has its fair share of great beaches but Paradise Beach in the south tops them all. With its crystal clear waters and fine golden sand it is easy to see how it earned its name. Spend a day relaxing under the sun, take a dip in the shallows or, if you’re feeling brave, why not try your hand at one of the optional watersports. If you’re unsure which treatment is best for you, we’re happy to talk you through our range of massage and body therapies. Depending on the treatment you choose, we’ll ask you to complete a medical questionnaire upfront.

Many salts, such as magnesium sulfate, contain minerals that can reduce inflammation. When mixed with oils, as part of a Spa Experience scrub treatment, salt can replenish tired and dry skin. CACI body treatment is designed to firm up sagging skin using microcurrent technology. Perfect if you want to tackle cellulite, fluid retention and all-round fatty bits, CACI works by stimulating the muscles under the skin, offering the same fat-busting results as a full body workout.

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The flowing massage works deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation. Smooth and Tone Skin – Follow with detox and tone cellulite massage oil for a smoother look and toned feel to the skin. You can expect to feel relaxed and calm after a treatment, try to arrange to have your massage when you have a little time to enjoy its benefits. The Bodyscrub is a great exfoliating and conditioning experience for your skin and your mind. Come and get a bodyscrub if you are feeling a bit sluggish, or you just want to feel totally refreshed and renewed on a deep-cleansing level.

For a lighter application Exfoliating Body Polish is applied instead of Salt & Oil Scrub. Using traditional stimulating movements and a nourishing calendula infused oil. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Sarah is an excellent therapist is highly professional in all her techniques ,and her skills are exceptional. £199.00 Deposit of £50.00 payable at time of booking, balance of £149.00 to be paid no later than 14 days prior to the course date.


While there may be variations in how the scrub is given, the main difference between scrubs is usually just the product used. Somehow, despite the fact that they scrub and wash your whole body, you’ll be almost entirely covered for the whole treatment, as towels are expertly rolled and folded to maintain your dignity. Scrubs and body polishes are suitable and safe for just about everyone. It’s not an invasive treatment, and doesn’t involve you assuming any odd positions. Soothe tired, aching or swollen feet and heavy legs with this luxurious and revitalising treatment from ESPA. Perfect as a stand-alone treatment, or in preparation for an ESPA Massage.


Our signature massage, with the addition of specific essential oils, helps to alleviate pain and uses heated Thai compressors to relax the muscles. Moods Every Cowshed product contains a high ratio of premium quality essential oils, providing the therapeutic benefits for which the range is loved. Whether you are undergoing a body wrap to lose inches, reduce cellulite, aid a skin ailment, or simply as a pampering treat, you can expect the results to last a few days to a week. 45 min


Our CBD balm STRESS NOT naturally eases muscle stiffness and calms busy minds… giving you a moment of blissful respite. A powerful hot stone massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. This treatment combines a body wrap and massage to restore equilibrium, peace of mind and bring deep relaxation to body and spirit. Wave goodbye to dull, dry skin with our Energy Booster massage.

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After bringing myself around, I was left to sip on a Divine chocolate and chili martini in the sanctuary of the Relaks room. Nikita explained every aspect of the facial and the facial was actually the best hydrofacial I’ve had. For a lighter application Body Polish is applied 로드샵 instead of Salt & Oil Scrub. The use of oriental music and candlelight produces a serene environment in which you achieve maximum relaxation. Spa Find believe that by maintaining a natural balance of minerals within the body, will reflect on the outside of our bodies.

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Complete with a warm massage using aromatherapy oils to destress and re-energise. Whether you’re looking for complete relaxation or to relieve tension, our body treatments are tailored to suit you. We offer everything from circulation-boosting scrubs and soothing CBD or Maharlika massages, to invigorating deep-tissue therapies. An exfoliating scrub removes dry, flaky, dead skin and reveals the supple soft skin beneath. The pores are left unclogged of dirt and bacteria and salt also has anti-bacterial qualities, so it’s great for maintaining bacteria-free skin and preventing itchiness.

The Importance of Good Spa Products During a Massage When it comes to good massage therapy, the products used are as important as the technique itself. While a good technique rejuvenates you from the inside, a good product does wonders to your skin from the outside and makes it glow. The skin instantly becomes smooth and soft after a scrub massage.

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